Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions


What is the duration of the USA Internship Program?

The duration of the USA Internships vary from 6 to 12 months.

Do I need work experience to join your Internship Programs?

Work experience is preferred, but not required for the USA Internship Program. We place candidates based on their skills and abilities and match profiles to hotels based on those skills.

What are the requirements for the USA Internship Program

All candidates need to meet the following requirements: - Be enrolled in an accredited college or university and actively pursuing a Hospitality related degree or professional certificate outside the United States (with a minimum duration of 2 years), or have graduated in the past 12 months - Have good English language skills OR - Have graduated from a Hospitality related degree or professional certificate outside the United States (with a minimum duration of 2 years and recognized by your government) - Have at least 12 months of full time work experience - Have good English language skills OR - Have 5 years of full time work experience in Hospitality - Have good English language skills

Do I get paid during my Internship?

Yes, all internship positions are hourly paid. All our hotel partners abide by minimum wage requirements and regulations. The level of compensation depends on the position you are applying for. Positions in Front Office and Culinary Arts pay a higher hourly rate compared to Food & Beverage positions. Food & Beverage positions are usually tipped. This means you get to keep your tips on top of your hourly rate. This is the reason Food & Beverage positions pay a lower hourly rate. Americans usually tip 15 to 20% of the bill if you give guests excellent service!

What does the J-1 Internship Program cost?

There are several fees involved for the J-1 Internship Program. All fees are outlined below: 6 Month Duration: Visa + Placement + Insurance: $ 2,495 SEVIS fee (payable directly by applicant): $ 180 Embassy fee (payable directly by applicant): 160 Application fee and proccessing: $400 Additional costs you will incur are airfare to and from the United States. The approximate cost for this is $ 700 to $ 1,000. You also might have to pay a housing deposit. 12 Month Duration: Visa + Placement + Insurance: $ 3,080 SEVIS fee (payable directly by applicant): $ 180 Embassy fee (payable directly by applicant): $ 160 Application fee and proccessing: $400 Additional costs you will incur are airfare to and from the United States. The approximate cost for this is $ 700 to $ 1,000. You also might have to pay a housing deposit.

How long will it take to arrange an Internship?

Arranging a USA Internship takes between 2 and 4 months. The time it takes to arrange your internship depends on your responsiveness and flexibility. The more flexible you are, the faster we are able to source great internship positions for you.

Can I request a specific Internship location?

We require candidates to be flexible about the Internship location they are placed in. You can request a specific internship location, but we can never guarantee we can meet your specific requirements.

What type of positions do you offer for your Internship Programs?

We have year round vacancies in Food & Beverage, Culinary Arts/ Food Production and Front Office.

Is housing included in your Internship Program?

Yes. We help you arrange housing as part of our Internship Programs. We will give you housing leads close to your Internship location. You will have to pay for a refundable housing deposit when you book the housing in some situations.

Can the Internship Program be extended?

No, your J-1 Internship can't be extended. All candidates need to return to their home country after the program ends.

Do I need health insurance for your internships?

Yes, you need health insurance for the entire duration of your stay for all our internship programs. Insurance is included in our J-1 Internship Program fee.

What is "SEVIS"?

SEVIS means: “Student and Exchange Visitor Information System.” This system tracks participants in the J-1 (as well as other) Visa categories during their stay in the U.S. As part of the sponsorship process, and to issue to you the DS-2019 Form, applicants need to be registered in SEVIS. When you visit the embassy to apply for the J-1 visa, the consulate officer will access the information submitted in SEVIS.

What is a visa sponsor?

A visa sponsor is an organization authorized by a countries Department of Immigration to issue visas. Training 4 Hospitality works with visa sponsors in the United States and Australia to ensure applicants have access to the visas.

What is Form DS2019?

The Form DS-2019 is the basic document required to support an application for a J-1 visa. The Form DS-2019: - Shows who the applicant is - Shows who the visa sponsor is - Provides a brief description of the program activity - Identifies the start and end dates of the program and the visa category - Provides a break of the financial support you'll receive during your program

What is Form DS7002?

Form DS 7002 is your training plan. The training plan is the framework and summary of the activities you and your host property follow for the duration of your program. Training 4 Hospitality works with its employer partners to create training plans based on your skills and the available amenities at the partner. The Form DS 7002 is required for your J-1 visa interview and needs to: - State the specific goals and the objectives of the training and internship program - State the knowledge, skills, or techniques applicants will gain during their program - Describe the methods of performance evaluation for each phase of training

Work & Travel

What is a Summer Work & Travel Program?

Our Summer Work Program is a cultural exchange program in the United States. We arrange a great Summer job for you in a hotel, restaurant or theme park. We also help you during the entire application process, from arranging your visa, to preparing your for your job interview and your travel plans. As part of the Summer Work Program, events are organised with the goal to exchanging your own culture with Americans and learn to understand the American culture.

What are the requirements to join the Summer Work & Travel Program?

You have to meet the following requirements to be able to join the Summer Work & Travel Program: - Be at least 18 years old - Have good English language skills - Be enrolled in a degree or other full time course at a college or university - Have finished at least one semester of your studies

When do I need to apply?

Training 4 Hospitality advises you to apply 3 months before your desired program start date.

What is the duration of your Summer Work Program?

The duration of our Summer Work Program depends on your academic holidays, but lasts up to 4 months. The minimum duration is 2 months. You also have the opportunity to travel the United States for 30 days after your Summer job ends.

What will I get paid for the Summer job?

Your wage depends on the type of job you'll get. You will get the same hourly wage as your American collegues, but the minimum wage is $ 7,25 per hour.

What does the Summer Work Program cost?

Our package price is $1,250. This is the total fee for the J1 Visa, the placement and insurance.. We require you to pay an application fee of $400. Lastly another $100 after we have interviewed you and have accepted you into the program. The remaining fees of $1,150 are due after we have offered and you have succesfully interviewed for a suitable position.

What kind of positions do you offer?

All positions are arranged in Hospitality. This means we only work with hotels, resorts, restaurants and other Hospitality related businesses.

Tax Benifits

Does J1 Warehouse offer help with taxes?

Yes, we offer help to those who apply through our programs.

Is it important to do taxes while traveling on a J1 visa?

Yes it is very important as other agencies don't tell you this and end up taking your rembersed taxes for themselves instead of giving them to you. This is a must. We will connect you with the right people to do this the easy and simple way to keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

How much does it cost to do your taxes?

Fees can vary for all programs but the good thing is that you could be getting a huge tax refund by simply doing this proccess. Don't leave your hard earned money on the table.

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